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Work for the Help Desk

Are there jobs available at the Helpdesk?

There are 3 types of jobs available at the Helpdesk. Most hiring occurs at the beginning of the school year, though there is also some hiring at the beginning of the spring semester as well. The 3 job types are as follows:

Lab Monitor

Lab Monitors are responsible for monitoring the usage of the 2 remote computer labs. They make sure printers have toner and paper and report any issues with the computers in the lab. The remote labs are located in Albertus Magnus and Howley Halls.

Helpdesk Consultant

Helpdesk Consultants perform the same duties of the Lab Monitor for the 4 computer labs in Accinno. In addition, the Helpdesk Consultant takes calls from students, faculty, and staff related to their computer issues. The Helpdesk Consultant is responsible for troubleshooting the problems over the phone, possibly resolving the issue, and reporting them in the trouble ticket system or escalating the call as necessary. This position requires a slightly higher skill level with the usage of computers running Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Helpdesk Consultants are required to attend a mandatory training session held at the end of the summer prior to the general move-in period.

Helpdesk Consultants are also used to staff the Accinno Satellite Helpdesk in Accinno 102 and the iHelp office in the Ryan Center. Consultants in Accinno and the Ryan Center work more independently, supporting students, faculty, staff, and visitors at the library with their networking and computer issues

Computer Technician

There are 2 types of Technicians, Field Tech and ResNet Tech. Both positions require an elevated skill level in the usage and repair of computers running Microsoft Windows. Field Techs are responsible for the support of faculty and staff computers during the college’s normal business hours. This can include all types of support, including hardware repair and operating system reinstallation. ResNet Techs support student computers – virus and spyware removal, network connectivity, and other basic software support. They work between 5:00 pm and 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday evenings.

How do I go about applying for a position at the Helpdesk?

You will need to visit the Student Employment site and follow through to the online employment application pages. You will find our positions listed there along with the online application.

After review of the applications, we will contact the qualified applicants to schedule interviews. Based on the interviews, we will make our decisions.

What time requirements are involved with working at the Helpdesk?

Lab Monitors and Helpdesk Consultants are required to work at least 8 hours per week. Technicians are asked to work 10 hours per week. All employees should be willing to cover other students’ shifts as necessary. You may be asked, on occasion, to lift computers, cases of paper, or toner, up to about 40 pounds.

Is there anything else I need to know about working at the Helpdesk?

All jobs at the Helpdesk are only available to full time Providence College undergraduate students.

We also have summer positions available. Feel free to inquire about those. If you are an incoming freshman and will definitely be attending Providence College in the fall semester, you are considered a full time student and will be allowed to work during the summer immediately preceding your freshman year.